Just Tabs

Create stylish tabbed interfaces for your site

Tired of the same old looking web site? Need to organize it but don't have the time to work on all that HTML code? Introducing the most powerful new tool on the web for creating custom tabbed interfaces....Just Tabs!!! You can vastly enhance your web site's appearance and make it easy for your customers to find important areas of your site!

Look at what Just Tabs will do for you:

  • Makes your site easier to navigate
  • Highlights important areas for your visitors
  • Makes it easier for people to purchase your products
  • Create tab images on the fly for each caption
  • Create either vertical or horizontal tab views
  • Gives you many ways to customize your tabs
  • Create new HTML documents using the internal template
  • Search existing documents for Just Tabs tag definitions and replace source code automatically
  • Use Placement Wizard to insert tags into pages that don't have tabs setup yet

Just Tabs


Just Tabs 3.2